Fall 2017 Conference a Success!

Food for Thought: Better Nutrition. Better Health. Stronger Families. Stronger Communities.

Friday, December 1, 2017
New Brighton Community Center
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Minnesota Council on Family Relations is addressing a topic that impacts everyone –
what we feed our families; how we make food sustainable for all; and the impact of
food on learning, growing, behaving, and becoming individuals, families, and
communities that nurture growth. We live in a nation that is experiencing significant
reversals in nutrition, health, family wellbeing, and community vitality and we are having the same impact on our global community. Now is the time to confront this important topic in order to make a difference in the health of our families and our communities. Join us for inspiring, empowering, and research-based presentations that equip all of us.

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MNCFR Spring 2017 Conference a Success

Reclaiming Face to Face Talk in a Digital World

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Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Carol Bruess

Professor of Communication and Journalism and Director of Family Studies, University of St. Thomas

About Carol J. Bruess, Ph.D., is Professor of Communication and Journalism, and Director of Family Studies, at the University of St. Thomas., Minnesota. She has been a faculty member at St. Thomas for 18 years, and has for more than 25 years been passionate about the study of family, couples and relationships—fully committed to understanding, and helping others learn and practice, the communication patterns of healthy relationships. She recently published the volume Family Communication in the Age of Digital and Social Media (ed., Peter Lang International, 2015), and has a forthcoming book, The Happy Happy Couple: How to Become One (Again)—an inspirational, illustrated tale of a married couple navigating the bumps, and enjoying the ride, along the marital road. An active researcher in the area of family, interpersonal, and relationship communication, Carol has presented her work at dozens of national, regional, and international conferences, and has published in national and international journals and professional books.

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