Mission Statement

The Minnesota Council on Family Relations is dedicated to strengthening families through continuing education, support and connection of professionals and students who are engaged in family education, policy, research, and services.


We believe:

  • Families and professionals mutually benefit when professionals pursue continuing education, apply current research and theory, practice and uphold ethical professional standards, and use best practices.
  • Families exist in a variety of forms. The strengths and abilities of all families need to be recognized and nurtured.
  • Multi disciplinary dialogue enhances the ability of family professionals to effectively work with and for families.
  • Families are best served within the framework that emphasizes family strengths, diversity, interconnectedness and social context.

(Approved 11/2015)

2017 Minnesota Council on Family Relations Board Members


Top row from left: Sarah Danforth, Val Anderson, Marilyn Sharpe, Sharon Powell, Mary Maher, Beth Gausman, Gail Peavey-Sederski, Peg Lindlof, Tammy Dunrud

Seated from left:  Bev Gillen, Christa Treichel, Guy Sederski, Sarah Sandberg Perry

Not Pictured:    Ada Alden,  Betty Cooke, Sylvia Alvarez de Davila, Jackie Milton, Ellie McCann, Dan Moen, Glen Palm, Ruth Richardson, Linda Rodgers, Renee Sawyer, Mary Campbell Wood,

Minnesota Council on Family Relations Presidents Reports

2018 MCFR Board of Directors


Guy Sederski


Beverly Gillen

Immediate Past President

Val Anderson


Sarah Sundberg Perry


Linda Rodgers

Members At Large

  • Ashley Barnes
  • Emily Machi Conigliaro
  • Sarah Danforth
  • Silvia Alvarez de Davila
  • Ellie McCann
  • Jackie Milton
  • Dan Moen
  • Ruth Richardson
  • Kari Sawyer
  • Marilyn Sharpe
  • Christa Treichel
  • Past Presidents

    • Peg Lindlof
    • Gail Peavey Sederski
    • Ada Crane Alden
    • Beth Gausman

    Ethics Committee Chair

    • Mary Maher
    • Ethical Practices Representatives to NCFR

      Betty Cooke and Glen Palm

      Administrative Director

      Tammy Dunrud
    National Council on Family Relations
    The Minnesota Council on Family Relations is an affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations