MNCFR Committees

Finance Committee–Linda Rodgers, Chair, Bev Gillen, Tammy Dunrud

Membership Committee–All current Board members

Policy Committee–Sharon Powell and Renee Sawyer, Co-Chairs; Beth Magistad, Ellie McCann, Sarah Sandberg Perry, Christa Treichel

Communications Committee— Val Anderson, Sarah Danforth,  Cyrus Hair, Peg Lindlof, Ellie McCann, Ruth Richardson, Guy Sederski

Nominating Committee–All current Board members

Student Section–Cyrus Hair, Chair, Dan Moen

NCFR Representative–Beth Gausman

Spring 2017 Conference Committee— Marilyn Sharpe,Chair, Bev Gillen, Peg Lindlof

Fall 2017 Conference Committee–To be determined

Ethics Committee/Workgroup–Mary Maher, Chair

Ethical Practices Representatives to NCFR–Betty Cooke, Glen Palm, Ada Alden


National Council on Family Relations
The Minnesota Council on Family Relations is an affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations